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AIFF: Format for storing high quality music and audio samples using an 8-bit monaural format (developed by Apple Computer, standard format for Macintosh and Silicon Grap
AIFF format
AIFF format: Format for an 8-bit monophonic sound file used mainly by Macintosh computers
Air navigation
Air navigation: Science and technology of piloting an airplane and determining its position
Airbrush: Painting tool which uses compressed air to produce a fine spray of paint tool in many computer graphic programs which simulates the paint effect produced by a
Aircraft log book
Aircraft log book: Book in which information concerning flights is recorded
Airspace Control Plan
Airspace Control Plan: Document that provides detailed information about an airspace control system (Military), ACP
Aiwa: Japanese electronics and radio company which became a division of Sony Corporation in 2002
Alan Turing
Alan Turing: (1912-1954) British mathematician and inventor of a mathematical model for computer technology, cryptographer who helped decipher the code of the Nazi "Enig
Alfred V. Aho
Alfred V. Aho: Alfred V. Aho, professor of computer science at Columbia University, author of numerous books on programming and computer science
Algorithm: (Mathematics) step-by-step procedure used to solve a problem (often includes repetition of steps) step-by-step problem-solving procedure used within software
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