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Aliasing: (Computers) process through which curved lines appear to have a jagged edge due to low-end graphics capabilities creation of a false frequency when sampling au
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions: ATIS, USA standardization organization for information technologies in the telecommunications industry headquartered
Alltel: American telecommunications company headquartered in Arkansas, developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of wireline and wireless communications technologies
Almanac: A book or table, containing a calendar of days, and months, towhich astronomical data and various statistics are often added, suchas the times of the rising and
Alpha blending
Alpha blending: (Computer Graphics) rendering of overlapping images which contain alpha values (determines degree of transparency and merging of colors)
Alphanumeric key
Alphanumeric key: Computer key which represents a letter or a number
Alphanumeric technology
Alphanumeric technology: Technology which uses both letters and numbers
Altered Beast
Altered Beast: Computer adventure game manufactured by Sega Enterprises Inc.
Always on top
Always on top: (Computers) application on top of other applications
AMBIOS: (Computers) type of basic input/output system chip found in most personal computers (manufactured by American Megatrends, Inc.)
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