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AMD: Global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets (headquartered in California, USA)
Amdahl: Gene Amdahl (born 1922), United States computer architect, former IBM engineer who founded the Amdahl Corporation
Amdahl Corporation
Amdahl Corporation: Computer company located in California which was founded by Gene Amdahl, main supplier of large mainframes and UNIX and Open Systems and more
America On Line
America On Line: On-line information service provider, AOL (Internet)
American Home Products
American Home Products: American corporation headquartered in New Jersey, manufacturer of biotechnological products (such as pharmaceuticals and agricultural products)
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
American Standard Code for Information Interchange: ASCII standard, standard character set for letters and symbols
Ames: Family name name of several cities and towns in the USA city in central Iowa (USA) where Iowa State University of Science and Technology is located
Amiga: Personal computer that was produced by Commodore and introduced to the public in 1985 (currently a product of Amiga Inc.)
Analog computer
Analog computer: Electronic machine which is fed continuous input and which changes the input and produces a continuous output
Analog device
Analog device: Peripheral equipment for computers which handles information having sequential non-digital values
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