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Empathy: Entering into the feelings of another, sympathy, vicarious emotion, understanding
Enlargement: The act of increasing in size or bulk, real or apparent the state of being increased augmentation further extension expansion. 6. Expansion or extension, as
Entireness: The state or condition of being entire completeness fullness totality as, the entireness of an arch or a bridge. This same entireness or completeness. Trench.
Epiperipheral: Connected with, or having its origin upon, the external surface of the body especially applied to the feelings which originate at the extremities of nerves
Equable: Equal and uniform continuing the same at different times said of motion, and the like uniform in surface smooth 6. as, an equable plain or globe. 7. Uniform in
Erection: The act of erecting, or raising upright the act of constructing, as a building or a wall, or of fitting together the parts of, as a machine the act of founding
Eros arrows
Eros arrows: Cupids arrows, arrows shot by the god of love (Greek Mythology)
Ethic ethical
Ethic ethical: Of, or belonging to, morals treating of the moral feelings or duties containing percepts of morality moral as, ethic discourses or epistles 6. an ethical s
Eugenin: A colorless, crystalline substance extracted from oil of cloves called also clove camphor.
Evermore: During eternity always forever for an indefinite period at all times 6. often used substantively with for. 7. Seek the Lord . . . Seek his face evermore. Ps.
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