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Heart-wounded: Wounded to the heart with love or grief. Pope.
Held a grudge
Held a grudge: Kept his feelings of resentment, bore a resentment
Hesperides: (Class. Myth.) The daughters of Hesperus, or Night (brother of Atlas), and fabled possessors of a garden producing golden apples, in Africa, at the western ex
Hispanophilia: Love and admiration of the Spanish or Spanish-speaking countries, love and admiration of Hispanic culture
Hitch: A catch anything that holds, as a hook an impediment an obstacle an entanglement. 6. The act of catching, as on a hook, etc. 7. A stop or sudden halt 8. a stoppa
However: Nevertheless notwithstanding yet still though 6. as, I shall not oppose your design 7. I can not, however, approve of it. In your excuse your love does little sa
Humane: Pertaining to man human. [Obs.] Jer. Taylor. Having the feelings and inclinations creditable to man having a disposition to treat other human beings or animals wi
Hurt: To cause physical pain to to do bodily harm to to wound or bruise painfully. The hurt lion groans within his den. Dryden. To impar the value, usefulness, beauty, or
Hurt his pride
Hurt his pride: Offended his dignity, lowered his feeling of self-worth
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy: 1950s television sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
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