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I love you
I love you: I am in love with you, I feel great affection for you, I am devoted to you
Identity crisis
Identity crisis: Inner conflict in adolescence involving disturbing feelings of confusion regarding ones self and social role conflict and confusion in an organization r
Idolatry: The worship of idols, images, or anything which is not God the worship of false gods. His eye surveyed the dark idolatries Of alienated Judah. Milton. Excessive
Impudence: The quality of being impudent assurance, accompanied with a disregard of the presence or opinions of others shamelessness forwardness want of modesty. Clear tr
In Gods name
In Gods name: For a holy purpose, for the love of God (act, endeavor, war, etc.)
Inartistically: In an inartistic manner in an unaesthetic manner without appreciation or love of art
Incentive: That which moves or influences the mind, or operates on the passions that which incites, or has a tendency to incite, to determination or action that which pro
Incivism: Want of civism want of patriotism or love to ones country unfriendliness to ones state or government. [R.] Macaulay.
Inconsiderate: Not considerate not attentive to safety or to propriety not regarding the rights or feelings of others hasty careless 6. thoughtless 7. heedless 8. as, the
Inconstant: Not constant not stable or uniform subject to change of character, appearance, opinion, inclination, or purpose, etc. not firm unsteady 6. fickle 7. changeabl
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