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IWALY: I will be in love with you forever (from a Whitney Houston song) I Want your Arithmetic and Logical Unit (on the Internet)
James Todd Smith
James Todd Smith: L L Cool J, Ladies Love Cool James (born 1968), American rap musician and film actor
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre: Novel written by Charlotte Bronte and published in 1847 about Jane Eyre who is madly in love with the contemplative Mr. Rochester
Jar: A rattling, tremulous vibration or shock a shake a harsh sound a discord as, the jar of a train 6. the jar of harsh sounds. 7. Clash of interest or opinions 8. coll
Jealous: Zealous solicitous vigilant anxiously watchful. I have been very jeolous for the Lord God of hosts. Kings xix. How nicely jealous is every one of us of his own r
Jest: To take part in a merrymaking especially, to act in a mask or interlude. [Obs.] Shak. To make merriment by words or actions to joke to make light of anything. He je
Kandinsky complex
Kandinsky complex: (Psychiatry) erotomania, Clerambault-Kandinsky syndrome, disorder in which a person believes and has a delusion that another person of higher social s
Katharsis: Purging, purification (Medicine) emotional cleansing through drama (Psychiatry) relief of tension and anxiety through the expression of repressed thoughts and
Keep a straight face
Keep a straight face: Not expose emotions, not reveal ones feelings through facial expressions
Kid glove
Kid glove: Glove made from kidskin delicate, gentle
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