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Love game
Love game: Score of zero (in tennis, etc.) game in which the loser (losing player or team) does not score any points
Love handles
Love handles: Rolls of fat around the waist, flabby skin and fat around the waist
Love in
Love in: Relatively large gathering of people encouraged to express friendship and their mutual love
Love is blind
Love is blind: Love does not see flaws, love makes one unable to see things as they really are
Love letter
Love letter: Romantic letter sent from one lover to his/her beloved
Love letters
Love letters: Romantic letters sent from a lover to his/her beloved
Love lies bleeding
Love lies bleeding: South American plant with long drooping clusters of red flowers amaranth
Love line
Love line: Line on the hand used by fortune tellers to predict a persons success or failure in love
Love match
Love match: Marriage for love only marriage that is not arranged (for money or social status)
Love potion
Love potion: Magical mixture which causes the one who drinks it to fall in love
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