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Love triangle
Love triangle: Situation in which two people are in love with the same person
Lover: One who loves one who is in love usually limited, in the singular, to a person of the male sex. Gower. Love is blind, and lovers can not see The pretty follies tha
Lovey-dovey: (Slang) being or expressing romantic love or sentimentality
Loving: Affectionate. The fairest and most loving wife in Greece. Tennyson. Expressing love or kindness as, loving words.
Loyalty: The state or quality of being loyal fidelity to a superior, or to duty, love, etc. He had such loyalty to the king as the law required. Clarendon. Not withstandi
LUWAMH: I love you very much, I love you a lot (Internet abbreviation)
Magnetic magnetical
Magnetic magnetical: Pertaining to the magnet possessing the properties of the magnet, or corresponding properties as, a magnetic bar of iron a magnetic needle. Of or per
Magnetism: The property, quality, or state, of being magnetic the manifestation of the force in nature which is seen in a magnet. The science which treats of magnetic phe
Make love-not war!
Make love-not war!: Love each other - dont fight each other! (key phrase of the Hippie movement of the 1960s)
Malicious act
Malicious act: Spiteful act, something done with intent to hurt or harm
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