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Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast: Fairy tale about a beautiful girl who falls in love with a monster
Becomed: Proper decorous. [Obs.]And gave him what becomed love I might. Shak.
Beget: To get (with child.) [Obs.] Shak. To produce as an effect to cause to exist.Love is begot by fancy. Granville.
Being smitten
Being smitten: Being struck (as if by a hard blow) being stricken with (a disease, etc.) being in love with
Benevolence: The disposition to do good good will charitableness love ofmankind, accompanied with a desire to promote their happiness.The wakeful benevolence of the gospe
Billet-doux: A love letter or note.A lover chanting out a billet-doux. Spectator.
Bitten by the bug
Bitten by the bug: Gone crazy over, become obsessed by (usually used in combination, e.g. "bitten by the love bug"
Bottom: To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread. [Obs.]As you unwind her love from him, Lest it should ravel and be good tonone, You must provide to bottom
Broth: Liquid in which flesh (and sometimes other substances, asbarley or rice) has been boiled thin or simple soup.I am sure by your unprejudiced discourses that you lov
Came out against
Came out against: Expressed feelings against -, expressed opposition to -
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