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Clove: (Bot.) One of the small bulbs developed in the axils of the scales of a large bulb, as in the case of garlic. Developing, in the axils of its skales, new bulbs, of
Clove hitch
Clove hitch: Builders knot, knot consisting of two opposing half-hitches with the ends of the rope extending in opposite directions (used to fasten a rope to a pole or t
Cogitate: To ponder or be thinking deeply about something. To reflect upon and turnĀ over some concept. Make inferences (logical judgment), decisions, or arriveĀ at a so
Cold hearted
Cold hearted: To be seen as cruel or unkind. A person with no feeling or warmth is said to be "Cold hearted".
Commemorate: A ceremony used in memory or as a mark of respect for an event or person. To keep alive the memory of someone.
Commiserate: To express sympathy towards another. To be empathetic towards another persons situation. To be compassionate.
Commit adultery
Commit adultery: Whore, cheat on ones partner, have an illicit love affair
Commotion: A state of confusion. Confused movement. Noisy disturbance.
Complain of
Complain of: Express feelings of pain, express dissatisfaction of, express displeasure
Confidant confidante
Confidant confidante: One to whom secrets, especially those relating to affairs of love, are confided or intrusted a confidential or bosom friend. You love me for no othe
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