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Countenance: To encourage to favor to approve to aid to abet. This conceit, though countenanced by learned men, is not made out either by experience or reason. Sir T. Bro
Countertransference: Transference from the analyst to the feelings of the analysand (Psychology)
Crazy about her
Crazy about her: Is very fond of her, has strong feelings for her
Crazy about him
Crazy about him: Is very fond of him, has strong feelings for him
Crucifixion: The act of nailing or fastening a person to a cross, for the purpose of putting him to death the use of the cross as a method of capital punishment. The stat
Cubby-hole: Small open compartment in a desk or cabinet for keeping things open glove compartment in older cars snug place
Cupidity: A passionate desire love. [Obs.] Eager or inordinate desire, especially for wealth greed of gain avarice 6. covetousness. With the feelings of political distrus
Cupids arrows
Cupids arrows: Arrows of the Roman god of love that were said to cause those they pierced to fall in love (Roman Mythology)
Cut to the quick
Cut to the quick: Hit where it hurts most, hurt the feelings of
Daunt: To cause intimidation or loss of courage. (v) Daunting: discouraging through fear.(adj) Dauntless: fearless and determined. (adj)
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