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A la carte
A la carte: (French) according to a menu that prices each dish separately, priced separately
A la mode
A la mode: Avant-garde, contemporary, fashionable, according to current styles of fashion served with ice cream on the side (i.e. with cake or pie)
A let-down
A let-down: Disappointment something very upsetting or disappointing
A mensa et thoro
A mensa et thoro: A kind of divorce which does not dissolve the marriage bond,but merely authorizes a separate life of the husband and wife.Abbott.
A month of sundays
A month of sundays: Very long time, indefinitely long period of time (Informal)
A P Giannini
A P Giannini: Amadeo Peter Giannini (1870-1949), American banker from San Francisco, founder of the Bank of America
A posteriori
A posteriori: (Logic) Characterizing that kind of reasoning which derivespropositions from the observation of facts, or by generalizationsfrom facts arrives at principles
A priori
A priori: (Logic) Characterizing that kind of reasoning which deducesconsequences from definitions formed, or principles assumed, or whichinfers effects from causes previ
A put up job
A put up job: Conspiracy arranged beforehand, something planned as to cheat or mislead
A quarter of
A quarter of: One-fourth a quarter to, fifteen minutes before (the hour)
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