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-ee: A suffix used, chiefly in law terms, in a passive signification, to indicate the direct or indirect object of an action, or the one to whom an act is done or on whom
-en: A suffix signifying to make, to cause, used to form verbs from nouns and adjectives as in strengthen, quicken, frighten. This must not be confused with -en correspon
-ence: A noun suffix signifying action, state, or quality also, that which relates to the action or state as in emergence, diffidence, diligence, influence, difference, e
-ency: Sent to many persons or places intended for many, or for a whole order of men general circular as, an encyclical letter of a council, of a bishop, or the pope.
-er: . Etym: [AS. -ere akin to L. -arius.] The termination of many English words, denoting the agent applied either to men or things as in hater, farmer, heater, grater.
-escent: A suffix signifying beginning, beginning to be as, adolescent, effervescent, etc.
-esque: A suffix of certain words from the French, Italian, and Spanish. It denotes manner or style like as, arabesque, after the manner of the Arabs.
-ess: A suffix used to form feminine nouns as, actress, deaconess, songstress.
-est: A suffix used to form the superlative of adjectives and adverbs as, smoothest earl(y)iest.
-et: A noun suffix with a diminutive force as in baronet, pocket, facet, floweret, latchet.
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