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-ferous: A suffix signifying bearing, producing, yielding as, auriferous, yielding gold chyliferous, producing chyle.
-ful: A suffix signifying full of, abounding with as, boastful, harmful, woeful.
-fy: A suffix signifying to make, to form into, etc. as, acetify, amplify, dandify, Frenchify, etc.
-genous: A suffix signifying producing, yielding as, alkaligenous endogenous.
-gerous: A suffix signifying bearing, producing as, calcigerous dentigerous.
-gram: A suffix indicating something drawn or written, a drawing, writing as, monogram, telegram, chronogram.
-graph: A suffix signifying something written, a writing also, a writer as autograph, crystograph, telegraph, photograph.
-graphy: A suffix denoting the art of writing or describing also, the writing or description itself a treatise as, calligraphy, biography, geography.
-grave: A final syllable signifying a ruler, as in landgrave, margrave. See Margrave.
-ible: The dramatic practice or purpose characteristic of the writings of Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), Norwegian poet and dramatist, whose best-known plays deal with convent
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