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-ide: A suffix used to denote: (a) The nonmetallic, or negative, element or radical in a binary compound as, oxide, sulphide, chloride. (b) A compound which is an anhydri
-ine: (Chem.) A suffix, indicating that those substances of whose names it is a part are basic, and alkaloidal in their nature. Note: All organic bases, and basic substan
-ing: A suffix used to from present participles as, singing, playing. Etym: [OE. -ing, AS. -ing, -ung.] A suffix used to form nouns from verbs, and signifying the act of
-ion: A noun suffix denoting act, process, result of an act or a process, thing acted upon, state, or condition as, revolution, the act or process of revolving constructi
-ise: Having equal entropy. Isentropic lines, lines which pass through points having equal entropy.
-ish: A verb ending, originally appearing in certain verbs of French origin as, abolish, cherish, finish, furnish, garnish, impoverish.
-ism: A suffix indicating an act, a process, the result of an act or a process, a state also, a characteristic (as a theory, doctrine, idiom, etc.) as, baptism, galvanism
-ist: A noun suffix denoting an agent, or doer, one who practices, a believer in as, theorist, one who theorizes socialist, one who holds to socialism sensualist, one giv
-ite: A suffix denoting one of a party, a sympathizer with or adherent of, and the like, and frequently used in ridicule as, a Millerite a Benthamite. A suffix used in na
-ive: An adjective suffix signifying relating or belonging to, of the nature of, tending to as affirmative, active, conclusive, corrective, diminutive.
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