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-ize: A verb suffix signifying to make, to do, to practice as apologize, baptize, theorize, tyrannize. Note: In the case of certain words the spelling with -ise (after an
-kin: A diminutive suffix as, manikin lambkin.
-let: A noun suffix having a diminutive force as in streamlet, armlet.
-ling: . An adverbial suffix as, darkling, flatling.
-lith -lite
-lith -lite: 3d pers. sing. pres. of Lie, to recline, for lieth. Chaucer.
-ly: A suffix forming adjectives and adverbs, and denoting likeness or resemblance.
-mancy: A combining form denoting divination as, aleuromancy, chiromancy, necromancy, etc.
-ment: A suffix denoting that which does a thing an act or process the result of an act or process state or condition as, aliment, that which nourishes, ornament, increme
-mere: A combining form meaning part, portion as, blastomere, epimere.
-meter: A suffix denoting that by which anything is measured as, barometer, chronometer, dynamometer.
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