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-mo: A suffix added to the names of certain numerals or to the numerals themselves, to indicate the number of leaves made by folding a sheet of paper as, sixteenmo or 16m
-morphous: A combining form denoting form, shape as, isomorphous.
-ness: A suffix used to form abstract nouns expressive of quality or state as, goodness, greatness.
-ock: A suffix used to form diminutives as, bullock, hillock.
-oid: A suffix or combining form meaning like, resembling, in the form of as in anthropoid, asteroid, spheroid.
-oma: A suffix used in medical terms to denote a morbid condition of some part, usually some kind of tumor as in fibroma, glaucoma.
-one: A termination indicating that the hydrocarbon to the name of which it is affixed belongs to the fourth series of hydrocarbons, or the third series of unsaturated hy
-or: A noun suffix denoting an act a state or quality as in error, fervor, pallor, candor, etc. A noun suffix denoting an agent or doer as in auditor, one who hears 6. do
-ory: An adjective suffix meaning of or pertaining to, serving for as in auditory, pertaining to or serving for hearing prohibitory, amendatory, etc. Etym: [L. -orium: cf
-ose: A suffix denoting full of, containing, having the qualities of, like as in verbose, full of words pilose, hairy globose, like a globe. (Chem.) A suffix indicating t
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