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-ward -wards
-ward -wards: Suffixes denoting course or direction to motion or tendency toward as in backward, or backwards toward, or towards, etc.
-wards: The office of a ward or keeper care and protection of a ward guardianship right of guardianship. Wardship is incident to tenure in socage. Blackstone. The state o
-ways: (Mach.) A rock shaft. (Mining) An interior shaft, usually one connecting two levels. Raymond.
-yl: A suffix used as a characteristic termination of chemical radicals as in ethyl, carbonyl, hydroxyl, etc. Note: -yl was first used in 1832 by Liebig and W?hler in nam
10{ 11{ 12{ -
10{ 11{ 12{ -: A magazine or other publication which appears at stated or regular intervals.
A 1
A 1: A-one, excellent, outstanding of first quality, first rate, of the highest quality, quality "A" first class first rate
A b c
A b c: The first three letters of the alphabet, used for the wholealphabet. A primer for teaching the alphabet and first elements of reading.[Obs.] The simplest rudiments
A bad lot
A bad lot: Group of misfits bad or wicked person (Slang)
A bolt from the blue
A bolt from the blue: Unexpected and shocking surprise or event (e.g.: "She had been working in the company for twenty years, so when she quit it must have felt like a b
A branch GHQ
A branch GHQ: Military division responsible for personnel management and manpower
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