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A breed apart
A breed apart: Totally different (in actions, looks, way of thinking, etc.)
A bundle
A bundle: (Informal) large sum of money (e.g.: "My new fur coat cost me a bundle!"), a lot of money
A button short
A button short: Missing a button not entirely sane, not totally normal
A devil of a fellow
A devil of a fellow: Quick and skillful person brilliant fellow outstanding chap
A feast for the eyes
A feast for the eyes: Sight for sore eyes, something pleasurable to behold, beautiful sight
A great number of
A great number of: Large number of, much of, a lot of, very many of
A hill of beans
A hill of beans: (Informal) something trivial or barely worth consideration, something valueless
A hundred percent
A hundred percent: All, entire, complete certain, sure
A kings ransom
A kings ransom: Large sum of money large treasure
A la
A la: (French) like, in the manner of or style of somebody or something
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