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-ship: A suffix denoting state, office, dignity, profession, or art as in lordship, friendship, chancellorship, stewardship, horsemanship.
Abacus: A table or tray strewn with sand, anciently used for drawing,calculating, etc. [Obs.] A calculating table or frame an instrument for performingarithmetical calcul
Abase: To lower or depress to throw or cast down as, to abase the eye.[Archaic] Bacon.Saying so, he abased his lance. Shelton. To cast down or reduce low or lower, as in
Abolition: The act of abolishing, or the state of being abolished anannulling abrogation utter destruction as, the abolition ofslavery or the slave trade 6. the abolition
Abscission: The act or process of cutting off. "Not to be cured without theabscission of a member." Jer. Taylor. The state of being cut off. Sir T. Browne. (Rhet.) A figu
Academic career
Academic career: Profession in a university or college, profession of studying
Academic profession
Academic profession: Career in a university or college, career of higher studies
Active trade balance
Active trade balance: Trade balance (difference between the value of all imports and the value of all exports) which shows constant action
Actuary: (Law) A registar or clerk used originally in courts of civil lawjurisdiction, but in Europe used for a clerk or registar generally. The computing official of an
Acuteness: The quality of being acute or pointed sharpness as, theacuteness of an angle. The faculty of nice discernment or perception acumen 6. keenness 7. Sharpness 8.
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