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Commissionaire: One intrusted with a commission, now only a small commission, as an errand esp., an attendant or subordinate employee in a public office, hotel, or the li
Commissioner: A person appointed to a role on a commission. A representative of the supreme authority in such an area. Britain: this is the head of the Metropolitan Pol
Common Market
Common Market: A group of countries that trade together imposing no duties upon one another whilst using a common tariff on trade with other countries. Eg: European Unio
Commune of paris
Commune of paris: Brief socialist and reformist government formed in Paris (1792-1794) by an unlawful takeover of control of supreme power on the part of representatives
Communication: The act or fact of communicating as, communication of smallpox communication of a secret. Intercourse by words, letters, or messages interchange of thought
Community: A group of people living together in an area. (n) A group of people having a common religion, race, or profession. Joint ownership. Ecology: A group of pla
Commutative: Relative to exchange interchangeable reciprocal. Com*mut"a*tive"ly, adv. Rich traders, from their success, are presumed . . . to have cultivated an habitual
Company car
Company car: Automobile provided by the company that one is employed by
Competent authority
Competent authority: Qualified professional, knowledgeable authority, certified authority
Compo: Short for Composition used, esp. in England, colloq. in various trade applications as : (a) A mortar made of sand and cement. (b) A carvers mixture of resin, whiti
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