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Consistent: Possessing firmness or fixedness firm hard solid. The humoral and consistent parts of the body. Harvey. Having agreement with itself or with something else 6.
Constructive: Having ability to construct or form employed in construction as, to exhibit constructive power. The constructive fingers of Watts. Emerson. Derived from, or
Convoy: The act of attending for defense the state of being so attended protection escort. To obtain the convoy of a man-of-war. Macaulay. A vessel or fleet, or a train o
Cornet: (Mus.) (a) An obsolete rude reed instrument (Ger. Zinken), of the oboe family. (b) A brass instrument, with cupped mouthpiece, and furnished with valves or piston
Corporate culture
Corporate culture: Companys values and customs professional atmosphere in large corporations and organizations reflected by dress codes or conduct and by the unique styl
Cosmetics are beauty products to enhance the body or skin. Most cosmetics should be natural and subtle. Cosmetics can be applied by the peson using or by a professional.
Cotton bud
Cotton bud: (British) small piece of absorbent material attached to a stick, cotton swab, Q-tip (registered trademark)
Cotton swab
Cotton swab: Small piece of absorbent material attached to a stick, Q-tip (registered trademark)
Cottonocracy: Government by those involved in the cotton trade
Counseling teacher
Counseling teacher: Guidance counselor, teacher whose job it is to give students advice (especially about careers or higher education options)
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