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Curative: Relating to, or employed in, the cure of diseases tending to cure. Arbuthnot.
Customs union
Customs union: Countries which trade with one another freely and have the same tax regulations on good imported from outside of those countries
Dairy: Noun: A farm where dairy products are made. Adjective: this word can also refer to a product that contains or is made from milk. It can refer to milk production a
Dancing: from Dance. Dancing girl, one of the women in the East Indies whose profession is to dance in the temples, or for the amusement of spectators. There are various
Dancing girl
Dancing girl: Term used for an East Indies woman who dances as a profession in temples or for amusing spectators
Danseuse: a professional female dancer a woman who dances at a public exhibition as in a ballet.
Dataller: Man employed to do service work in the mine and paid by the day
Day trade
Day trade: (Economy) daylight trade, buying and selling of stocks or commodities within one day
Day-laborer: One who works by the day usually applied to a farm laborer, or to a workman who does not work at any particular trade. Goldsmith.
Daylight trade
Daylight trade: Buying and selling of stocks or commodities within one day
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