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Deacon: In Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox churches this is an ordained minister of an order ranking below that of a priest. In some Protestant churches this is a lay o
Dealer: One who deals one who has to do, or has concern, with others esp., a trader, a trafficker, a shopkeeper, a broker, or a merchant as, a dealer in dry goods a deale
Debt collector
Debt collector: One whose profession involves collecting debts
Debutant: Person that makes a debut before the public or into a professional career
Decoy: Anything intended to lead into a snare a lure that deceives and misleads into danger, or into the power of an enemy a bait. A fowl, or the likeness of one, used by
Decoy duck
Decoy duck: Lure or bait duck that serves to allure others into a net person employed to entice others into danger
Decoy-duck: A duck used to lure wild ducks into a decoy hence, a person employed to lure others into danger. Beau. & Fl.
Decoy-man: A man employed in decoying wild fowl.
Dedicate: To set apart and consecrate, as to a divinity, or for sacred uses to devote formally and solemnly as, to dedicate vessels, treasures, a temple, or a church, to
Defense defence
Defense defence: The act of defending, or the state of being defended protection, as from violence or danger. In cases of defense t is best to weigh The enemy more mighty
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