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Amateur detective
Amateur detective: One who not a professional detective, one who is a detective as a hobby
Amateur photographer
Amateur photographer: Nonprofessional photographer, unskilled photographer
Amateur work
Amateur work: Work that one does as a hobby and not as a profession
Amateurs theater
Amateurs theater: Theatrical productions produced by non-professionals
Ambisonics: (registered trademark of Nimbus Communications International) surround-sound system
American Association of Applied Linguistics
American Association of Applied Linguistics: Professional organization of scholars who are interested in and actively contribute to the multi-disciplinary field of appli
American Association of Engineers
American Association of Engineers: Professional organization of engineers throughout the United States
American Basketball League
American Basketball League: ABL, one of the professional basketball leagues in the USA
American Federation of Teachers
American Federation of Teachers: Trade union for professionals in the fields of education healthcare and public service (founded in 1916), AFT
American Football League
American Football League: AFL, one of the two professional football leagues in the USA
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