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Aphthong: A letter, or a combination of letters, employed in spelling aword, but in the pronunciation having no sound. Aph*thon"gal, a.
Apostrophe: (Rhet.) A figure of speech by which the orator or writer suddenlybreaks off from the previous method of his discourse, and addresses,in the second person, som
Apprenticeship: The service or condition of an apprentice the state in which aperson is gaining instruction in a trade or art, under legalagreement. The time an apprentic
Arango: A bead of rough carnelian. Arangoes were formerly imported fromBombay for use in the African slave trade. McCulloch.
Arbitrage stocks
Arbitrage stocks: Shares of Israeli companies that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange and also in the Tel Aviv stock exchange
Armature: Armor whatever is worn or used for the protection and defense ofthe body, esp. the protective outfit of some animals and plants. (Magnetism) A piece of soft iro
Arms: Instruments or weapons of offense or defense.He lays down his arms, but not his wiles. Milton.Three horses and three goodly suits of arms. Tennyson. The deeds or ex
Army: A collection or body of men armed for war, esp. one organized incompanies, battalions, regiments, brigades, and divisions, underproper officers. A body of persons o
Army man
Army man: Person who serves or is otherwise employed by the army
Artery: The trachea or windpipe. [Obs.] "Under the artery, or windpipe, isthe mouth of the stomach." Holland. (Anat.) One of the vessels or tubes which carry either venou
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