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Coffee house
Coffee house: A place where coffee is served. Most coffee houses sell drinks and snacks also.
Coffee mill
Coffee mill: A machine for grinding roasted coffee beans. A mill that grinds roasted coffee beans.
Coffeehouse: A house of entertainment, where guests are supplied with coffee and other refreshments, and where men meet for conversation. The coffeehouse must not be dism
Comeback: A quick reply to a critical remark. A person, actress who may return to fame, stardom or prominence.
Comedy: Entertainment that consists of jokes and sketches that are humourous. A tv show, play or film that is intended to make an audience laugh. Light and humorous dr
Comfortment: Act or process of administering comfort. [Obs.] The gentle comfortment and entertainment of the said embassador. Hakluyt.
Comic: Causing humour, often seen in stand up comedy. A type or style of comedy. A periodical that contains comic strips often read by children or collectors. When one
Common Chord
Common Chord: A musical triad that contains a root, major or minor third, and a perfect fifth.
Conceited: Endowed with fancy or imagination. [Obs.] He was . . . pleasantly conceited, and sharp of wit. Knolles. Entertaining a flattering opinion of ones self vain. If
Concert: Agreement in a design or plan union formed by mutual communication of opions and viewa accordance in a scheme harmony simultaneous action. All these discontens,
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