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Gave him a good time
Gave him a good time: Provided him with an enjoyable time, entertained or amused him
Gayety: The state of being gay merriment mirth acts or entertainments prompted by, or inspiring, merry delight used often in the plural 6. as, the gayeties of the season.
Glee: Music minstrelsy entertainment. [Obs.] Chaucer. Joy merriment 6. mirth 7. gayety 8. paricularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast. Spenser. 9. (Mus.) An unaccompanied
Go slumming
Go slumming: Consort with disreputable people, be entertained by spending time in poor or disreputable areas (Slang)
Gold record
Gold record: Award given to an entertainer for selling over one million copies of a musical recording or a half million albums
Grifter: (Slang) entertainer at a fair or circus crook
Guest performance
Guest performance: Performance given by an entertainer (singer, musician, etc.) who was specially invited to appear in a program
Harborage: Shelter entertainment.[R.] Where can I get me harborage for the night Tennyson.
Hit: having become very popular or acclaimed said of entertainment performances as, a hit record, a hit movie.
Hospice: A convent or monastery which is also a place of refuge or entertainment for travelers on some difficult road or pass, as in the Alps as, the Hospice of the Great
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