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Diesis: (Mus.) A small interval, less than any in actual practice, but used in the mathematical calculation of intervals. (Print.) The mark || called also double dagger.
Differentiable: May be differentiated may be separated or distinguished may be transformed into its derivative (Mathematics)
Dimension: Measure in a single line, as length, breadth, height, thickness, or circumference extension measurement usually, in the plural, measure in length and breadth,
Directly: In a direct manner in a straight line or course. "To run directly on." Shak. Indirectly and directly too Thou hast contrived against the very life Of the defend
Discontinuous: Not continuous interrupted broken off. A path that is zigzag, discontinuous, and intersected at every turn by human negligence. De Quincey. Exhibiting a di
Discussion: The act or process of discussing by breaking up, or dispersing, as a tumor, or the like. The act of discussing or exchanging reasons examination by argument d
Distributive law
Distributive law: Mathematical law stating that the same results are attained whether an expression is calculated as a whole or in parts and then totalled
Divergent: Receding farther and farther from each other, as lines radiating from one point deviating gradually from a given direction opposed to convergent. (Optics) Caus
Diverging: Tending in different directions from a common center spreading apart divergent. Diverging series (Math.), a series whose terms are larger as the series is exte
Divide by
Divide by: Divide one number by another, find out how many times a number is contained in another (Mathematics)
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