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Half-closed interval
Half-closed interval: Part of a plane that borders on only one point (Mathematics)
Half-open interval
Half-open interval: Part of a plane that borders on only one point (Mathematics)
Harmonic harmonical
Harmonic harmonical: Concordant musical consonant as, harmonic sounds. Harmonic twang! of leather, horn, and brass. Pope. (Mus.) Relating to harmony, as melodic relates t
Harmonically: In an harmonical manner harmoniously. In respect to harmony, as distinguished from melody as, a passage harmonically correct. (Math.) In harmonical progress
Heliozoa: Spiral. Helispherical line (Math.). the rhomb line in navigation. [R.]
Helminthes: One of the grand divisions or branches of the animal kingdom. It is a large group including a vast number of species, most of which are parasitic. Called also
Heterogeneous: Differing in kind having unlike qualities possessed of different characteristics dissimilar opposed to homogeneous, and said of two or more connected objec
Hexadecimal number
Hexadecimal number: Number from a system based on 16 digits (Mathematics)
Higher: Loftier, taller, greater than normal advanced in intricacy or elaboration (example: "higher mathematics") (Education) beyond the secondary level ("higher educati
Higher mathematics
Higher mathematics: Higher level of math (algebra, geometry, etc.)
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