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Integrate: To form into one whole to make entire to complete to renew to restore 6. to perfect. "That conquest rounded and integrated the glorious empire." De Quincey. Tw
Integration: The act or process of making whole or entire. (Math.) The operation of finding the primitive function which has a given function for its differential coeffic
Integration by parts
Integration by parts: Method of calculating complex integrals (Mathematics)
Intermediary: Lying or being in the middle place or degree, or between two extremes coming or done between intervening interposed interjacent 6. as, an intermediate space
Interpolate: To renew to carry on with intermission. [Obs.] Motion . . . partly continued and unintermitted, . . . partly interpolated and interrupted. Sir M. Hale. To al
Interpolated: Inserted in, or added to, the original introduced foisted in changed by the insertion of new or spurious matter. (Math.) (a) Provided with necessary interpo
Interpolation: The act of introducing or inserting anything, especially that which is spurious or foreign. That which is introduced or inserted, especially something fore
Interpretation: The act of interpreting explanation of what is obscure translation version construction 6. as, the interpretation of a foreign language, of a dream, or of
Intersecting set
Intersecting set: Group of members that are common to every group (Mathematics)
Inverse function
Inverse function: Function which is reached by expressing the dependent variable of one function as the independent variable of another (Mathematics)
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