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Inversion: The act of inverting, or turning over or backward, or the state of being inverted. A change by inverted order a reversed position or arrangement of things tran
Involution: The act of involving or infolding. The state of being entangled or involved complication entanglement. All things are mixed, and causes blended, by mutual inv
Irrational: Not rational void of reason or understanding as, brutes are irrational animals. Not according to reason absurd 6. foolish. It seemed utterly irrational any lo
Irrational number
Irrational number: Number that cannot be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers (Mathematics)
Irrational numbers
Irrational numbers: Numbers that cannot be represented as a ratio of two integers (Mathematics)
Irreducible: Incapable of being reduced, or brought into a different state incapable of restoration to its proper or normal condition as, an irreducible hernia. (Math.) I
Islam: The religion of the Mohammedans Mohammedanism Islamism. Their formula of faith is: There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. The whole body of Mohamm
Karmathian: One of a Mohammedan sect founded in the ninth century by Karmat.
Kinematics: The science which treats of motions considered in themselves, or apart from their causes the comparison and relation of motions. Note: Kinematics forms proper
Klamaths: A collective name for the Indians of several tribes formerly living along the Klamath river, in California and Oregon, but now restricted to a reservation at Kl
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