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Central: Relating to the center situated in or near the center or middle containing the center of or pertaining to the parts near the center equidistant or equally access
Centrobaric: Relating to the center of gravity, or to the process of finding it. Centrobaric method (Math.), a process invented for the purpose of measuring the area or t
Characteristic: A distinguishing trait, quality, or property an element of character that which characterized. Pope. The characteristics of a true critic. Johnson. (Math.
Chrestomathic: Teaching what is useful. "A chrestomathic school." Southey.
Chrestomathy: A selection of passages, with notes, etc., to be used in acquiring a language as, a Hebrew chrestomathy.
Co processor
Co processor: Addition processor which performs special services (i.e. mathematical calculations) and lightens the work load of the central processor
Combinatorics: (Mathematics) branch of mathematics that deals with individual sets and problems of combination (divided into sub-branches: combinatorial analysis, combin
Come close
Come close: Almost do something (e.g., "I was so mad at what he did that I came close to firing him") be similar, be alike, be close, approximate (e.g., "His Math test r
Commensurable: Having a common measure capable of being exactly measured by the same number, quantity, or measure. Com*men"su*ra*ble*ness, n. Commensurable numbers or qu
Common factor
Common factor: Factor which is shared by all numbers in a given group (Mathematics)
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