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Confessionalism: An exaggerated estimate of the importance of giving full assent to any particular formula of the Christian faith. Shaff.
Congruence theorem
Congruence theorem: Formula which declares triangles to be exactly coinciding (Geometry)
Consequent: That which follows, or results from, a cause a result or natural effect. They were ill-governed, which is always a consequent of ill payment. Sir J. Davies. (
Constant: That which is not subject to change that which is invariable. (Math.) A quantity that does not change its value used in countradistinction variable. Absolute co
Constant function
Constant function: Function which is matches all sources with the same image, y=c (Mathematics)
Construction: The process or art of constructing the act of building erection the act of devising and forming fabrication 6. composition. 7. The form or manner of buildi
Continual: Proceeding without interruption or cesstaion continuous unceasing lasting abiding. He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. Prov. xv. 6. Occuring in
Continued: Having extension of time, space, order of events, exertion of energy, etc. extended protacted uninterrupted also, resumed after interruption 6. extending throu
Continuity: the state of being continuous uninterupted connection or succession close union of parts cohesion as, the continuity of fibers. Grew. The sight would be tired
Contraction: The act or process of contracting, shortening, or shrinking the state of being contracted as, contraction of the heart, of the pupil of the eye, or of a tend
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