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Genetical: Pertaining to, concerned with, or determined by, the genesis of anything, or its natural mode of production or development. This historical, genetical method o
Geolatry: The worship of the earth. G. W. Cox. The Geological Series. Note: The science of geology, as treating of the history of the globe, involves a description of the
Geologic: Of or pertaining to geology, of or pertaining to the study of the history and development of the Earths crust
Geologic timescale
Geologic timescale: Chronological scale of the history of Earth used to measure the relative or definite age of any section of geologic time
Geological: Of or pertaining to geology, of or pertaining to the study of the history and development of the Earths crust
Geology: The science which treats: (a) Of the structure and mineral constitution of the globe structural geology. (b) Of its history as regards rocks, minerals, rivers, v
George Bancroft
George Bancroft: (1800-1891) U.S. historian and stateman, published the ten-volume History of the United States (1834-1874), was the secretary of the navy from 1845 to 1
Glacial epoch
Glacial epoch: Ice age, period in history when glaciers covered most of the surface of the earth
Golden: Made of gold consisting of gold. Having the color of gold as, the golden grain. Very precious 6. highly valuable 7. excellent 8. eminently auspicious 9. as, golde
Goth: (Ethnol.) One of an ancient Teutonic race, who dwelt between the Elbe and the Vistula in the early part of the Christian era, and who overran and took an important
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