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Great hit
Great hit: Very popular song, song that has made history for its popularity
Great War Historical Society
Great War Historical Society: International organization that was established to promote the history of the World War I (based in California, USA), GWHS
Greats: Literae Humaniores, study of Classics (philosophy, humanities and ancient history) at Oxford University and other universities
Grecian: A native or naturalized inhabitant of Greece a Greek. One well versed in the Greek language, literature, or history. De Quincey.
GWHS: International organization that was established to promote the history of the World War I (based in California, USA)
Hagiology: The history or description of the sacred writings or of sacred persons a narrative of the lives of the saints a catalogue of saints. J. H. Newman.
Hallstatt hallstattian
Hallstatt hallstattian: Of or pert. to Hallstatt, Austria, or the Hallstatt civilization. Hallstatt, or Hallstattian, civilization, a prehistoric civilization of central
Have to do with
Have to do with: Be about (as in: "This lesson has to do with the history of our people during World War II")
Helminthology: The natural history, or study, of worms, esp. parasitic worms.
Henge: Prehistoric monument enclosed by a bank or ditch made of standing stones or wooden pillars constructed during the Neolithic or Bronze Age
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