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Historian: A writer of history a chronicler an annalist. Even the historian takes great liberties with facts. Sir J. Reynolds. One versed or well informed in history. Gre
Historic: Of or pertaining to history from the past, connected to the past important, consequential
Historic background
Historic background: Explanation of events that occurred before a certain time
Historic historical
Historic historical: Of or pertaining to history, or the record of past events as, an historical poem the historic page. His*tor"ic*al*ness, n. His*to*ric"i*ty, n. Ther
Historic perspective
Historic perspective: Historic view, perspective influenced by history
Historic present
Historic present: (Grammar) present tense used instead of the past in a lively story
Historic site
Historic site: Location or structure well known or important in history
Historic sites
Historic sites: Locations or structures well known or important in history
Historical: Of or pertaining to history from the past, connected to the past important, consequential
Historical cost
Historical cost: Price actually paid over the course of an action (Accounting)
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