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Amphibiology: A treatise on amphibious animals the department of naturalhistory which treats of the Amphibia.
Anabaptist: A name sometimes applied to a member of any sect holding thatrebaptism is necessary for those baptized in infancy.Note: In church history, the name Anabaptist
Ancient history
Ancient history: History of times long past something that is no longer a main issue, something that is no longer important or relevant
Ancient monument
Ancient monument: (British) old building or historical structure or monument that dates from at least the Middle Ages which is preserved
Ancient peoples
Ancient peoples: Peoples of the ancient times, ancient civilizations, historical kingdoms of the near east near such as Greece and Rome
Anecdotage: Anecdotes collectively a collection of anecdotes.All history, therefore, being built partly, and some of italtogether, upon anecdotage, must be a tissue of li
Annals: A relation of events in chronological order, each event beingrecorded under the year in which it happened. "Annals therevolution." Macaulay. "The annals of our re
Antecedent: That which goes before in time that which precedes. South.The Homeric mythology, as well as the Homeric language, has surelyits antecedents. Max Miller. One w
Anthropography: That branch of anthropology which treats of the actualdistribution of the human race in its different divisions, asdistinguished by physical character, la
Anthropology: The science of the structure and functions of the human body. The science of man sometimes used in a limited sense to meanthe study of man as an object of n
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