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Mahabarata mahabharatam
Mahabarata mahabharatam: A celebrated epic poem of the Hindoos. It is of great length, and is chiefly devoted to the history of a civil war between two dynasties of ancie
Maim: The privation of the use of a limb or member of the body, by which one is rendered less able to defend himself or to annoy his adversary. The privation of any neces
Mainz: Family name historic city and river port in west-central Germany
Make history
Make history: Do a deed that will be remembered, do something noteworthy, do something that hasnt been done before
Mammose: An extinct, hairy, maned elephant (Elephas primigenius), of enormous size, remains of which are found in the northern parts of both continents. The last of the r
Marcus Porcius Cato
Marcus Porcius Cato: Cato the Elder, Cato the Censor (234 B.C-149 B.C.), Roman statesman and reputed soldier, writer who wrote the first history of Rome
Martyrology: A history or account of martyrs a register of martyrs. Bp. Stillingfleet.
Mastology: The natural history of Mammalia.
Mayflower Compact
Mayflower Compact: Agreement created in 1620 by the passengers on the Mayflower that established the first local government system in the New World (U.S. History)
Medallic: Of or pertaining to a medal, or to medals. "Our medallic history." Walpole.
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