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Antipode: One of the antipodes anything exactly opposite.In tale or history your beggar is ever the just antipode to yourking. Lamb.Note: The singular, antipode, is excep
Araucarian: Relating to, or of the nature of, the Araucaria. The earliestconifers in geological history were mostly Araucarian. Dana.
Archaeology: The science or study of antiquities, esp. prehistoricantiquities, such as the remains of buildings or monuments of anearly epoch, inscriptions, implements, a
Archive: pl. The place in which public records or historic documents arekept.Our words . . . . become records in Gods court, and are laid up inhis archives as witnesses.
Archive work
Archive work: Management of public records or historical documents
Area: Any plane surface, as of the floor of a room or church, or of theground within an inclosure an open space in a building.The Alban lake . . . looks like the area of
Arrangement of the Banks Shares
Arrangement of the Banks Shares: Agreement signed between the country and banks after the collapse on the stock market in 1983 (Israeli History)
Art appreciation
Art appreciation: Study of the basic principles of art and aesthetics evaluation of the appearance of an artistic work without consideration for its historical or symbol
Art historian
Art historian: Expert in art history, expert on the development of art and architecture over time
Art history
Art history: Study of the development of art and architecture over time
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