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Bogy: A specter a hobgoblin a bugbear. "Deaths heads and bogies."J. H. Newman. [Written also bogey.]There are plenty of such foolish attempts at playing bogy in thehistor
Book of Jashar
Book of Jashar: Book which records the history of the Jews from the time of the Jewish patriarchs until the conquest of the land of Israel
Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party: Event which occurred on the 16th of December 1773 in which American Colonists stormed British ships and threw chests of tea into Boston Harbor in prote
Bronze Age
Bronze Age: Copper Age, era before the Age of Steel, period in the history of pre-historic man
Burin: Engraving tool comprised of a long beveled blade and a rounded handle (Art) prehistoric tool made from a piece of flint shaped into a beveled point (Archaeology)
Byzantinist: Student of Byzantine history, one who studies Byzantine culture
Career A path through life or history. A persons profession or occupation. To rush in a uncontrolled and reckless manner.
Case history
Case history: Tale of the history and details leading up to a certain event
Case system
Case system: The system of teaching law in which the instruction is primarily a historical and inductive study of leading or selected cases, with or without the use of te
Catamnestic: Of catamnesis (medical history after the onset of a disease)
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