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Chronology: The science which treats of measuring time by regular divisions or periods, and which assigns to events or transactions their proper dates. If history without
Chuprassy chuprassie
Chuprassy chuprassie: A building set apart for Christian worship. A Jewish or heathen temple. [Obs.] Acts xix. 3 A formally organized body of Christian believers worshipi
Classics: Study of the history of ancient Greece and Rome (such as language, literature, art)
Clean record
Clean record: Lack of a criminal history, lack of prior criminal offenses
Clio: The Muse who presided over history.
Come from a long line of
Come from a long line of: From a family with a history of, be descended from a dynasty of
Commemorative medallion
Commemorative medallion: Medallion celebrating an historical event
Commencement: The first existence of anything act or fact of commencing rise origin beginnig 6. start. The time of Henry VII . . . nearly coincides with the commencement
Commode: A type of furniture containing a hidden chamber pot, often used as a toilet. North American history: a stand used for washing. A chest of drawers.
Comparative philology
Comparative philology: Study of the history and the historical relationship of languages
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