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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome: Incurable disease characterized by a deterioration of the immune system and susceptibility to a number of infections and cancers (ca
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: AIDS, incurable disease characterized by a deterioration of the immune system and susceptibility to a number of infections and cancer
Across the Green Line
Across the Green Line: Beyond the border between the West Bank or Gaza and the rest of Israel
Act against someones orders
Act against someones orders: Disobey orders, not do what one was told
Act of protest against
Act of protest against: Demonstration against, protest to oppose -
Act on ones own initiative
Act on ones own initiative: Act without warrant or support take action on ones own
Act up to ones opinions
Act up to ones opinions: Act according to what one believes, practice what you preach
Acted against his better judgement
Acted against his better judgement: Acted against his conscience, did something he knew he shouldnt have done
Acted as if he owned the place
Acted as if he owned the place: Took over ownership, acted as if he was the owner of the house/place
Acted in self defence
Acted in self defence: Committed an act in order to protect oneself, acted for self preservation
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