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Acted under the banner of
Acted under the banner of: Did something in the name of a certain principle
Actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than words: Actual deeds are more important than stated intentions
Active reserve service
Active reserve service: Actively serving in the military reserve force
Activity status report
Activity status report: Accounting list in which account activity is recorded during a specific time
Adaptability adaptableness
Adaptability adaptableness: The quality of being adaptable suitableness. "Generaladaptability for every purpose." Farrar.
Add fuel to the flame
Add fuel to the flame: Make a bad situation worse, make a problem greater
Add fuel to the flames
Add fuel to the flames: Worsen a problem, exacerbate a problem, "fan the fire"
Added fuel to the flames
Added fuel to the flames: Made the situation more out of control, made things worse
Added insult to injury
Added insult to injury: Made a hurtful situation even worse, hurt someone even more than he has been hurt already
Adding fuel to the flames
Adding fuel to the flames: Making a bad situation worse, making a problem greater
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