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Adding insult to injury
Adding insult to injury: Making a hurtful situation even worse, hurting someone even more than he has been hurt already
Additional source of income
Additional source of income: Extra source of salary, additional method of earning income
Address oneself to the audience
Address oneself to the audience: Direct yourself or speak to the audience
Adenosine triphosphate
Adenosine triphosphate: Form of stored energy in organisms that is composed of a nucleotide with ribose sugar and three phosphates (Biology), ATP
Adequate compensation
Adequate compensation: Appropriate recompense, suitable damages, proper repayment
Adhered to his principles
Adhered to his principles: Followed his conscience, was faithful to his scruples, "stuck to his guns"
Adiposeness adiposity
Adiposeness adiposity: The state of being fat fatness.
Adiposis tuberosa simplex
Adiposis tuberosa simplex: (Medicine) Anders disease, adiposis dolorosa, disease characterized by painful localized fatty masses or cutaneous nodules (on the abdomen or
Adjudication of costs
Adjudication of costs: Ruling of a court concerning renumeration of legal fees
Adjudication of interest
Adjudication of interest: Ruling of a court concerning payment of interest on the principal
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