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Adjudication of interest and linkage
Adjudication of interest and linkage: Court decision regarding the payment of interest on the capital and attaching it to the index or to the exchange rate
Adjusting plane adjusting surface
Adjusting plane adjusting surface: A small plane or surface, usually capable of adjustment but notof manipulation, for preserving lateral balance in an a?roplane orflying
Adjustment of the income tax scales
Adjustment of the income tax scales: Change in the salary classification system which dictates the estimated taxes to be paid on salaries
Administered territory
Administered territory: Managed territory, land that is being held
Administration officer
Administration officer: Officer who deals with administrative duties
Administrative accounting
Administrative accounting: System of bookkeeping, accounting method
Administrative detainee
Administrative detainee: Person held in prison prior to judicial procedures or without normal judicial proceedings
Administrative detention
Administrative detention: Holding of a person in jail without a trial
Administrative discretion
Administrative discretion: Consideration made by a managing authority, decision by an authority
Administrator general
Administrator general: Authority in the Justice Ministry which handles abandoned properties
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