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Aerial reconnaissance
Aerial reconnaissance: Survey technique in the discovery and recording of archaeological sites, reconnaissance survey
Aerodynamic efficiency
Aerodynamic efficiency: Degree of effectiveness of a design for dealing with the effects of wind and gases on a body
Aerographic aerographical
Aerographic aerographical: Pertaining to a?rography a?rological.
Aeronautic aeronautical
Aeronautic aeronautical: Pertaining to a?ronautics, or a?rial sailing.
Aeronautical engineering
Aeronautical engineering: Technical body of knowledge dealing with aerodynamics
Aerospace engineering
Aerospace engineering: Branch of engineering dealing with the development and design and testing of aircrafts and space vehicles
Aerostatic aerostatical
Aerostatic aerostatical: Of or pertaining to a?rostatics pneumatic. A?ronautic as, an a?rostatic voyage.
Aesthetic aesthetical
Aesthetic aesthetical: Of or Pertaining to ?sthetics versed in ?sthetics as,?sthetic studies, emotions, ideas, persons, etc. ?s*thet"ic*al*ly, adv.
Afraid of his own shadow
Afraid of his own shadow: Cowardly, fearful, faint-hearted, timid
After completion of their terms
After completion of their terms: After their terms have been met, after you do as they request
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