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Agricultural boarding school
Agricultural boarding school: Live-in school that teaches agricultural studies and skills
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural engineering: Engineering which is connected to farming
Agricultural production
Agricultural production: Output of fresh fruit and vegetables and grain and staple crops
Agricultural products
Agricultural products: Crops produced on farms, products of farming
Agronomic agronomical
Agronomic agronomical: Pertaining to agronomy, of the management of farms.
Aim justifies the means
Aim justifies the means: For accomplishing a task all is permissible, all means are permitted
Air photograph interpretation
Air photograph interpretation: Analysis of photographs taken from an aircraft or satellite
Air resistance coefficient
Air resistance coefficient: Resistance of the air to an object moving through it
Air to ground missile
Air to ground missile: Missile which is launched from the air and intended to strike a target on the ground
Air traffic controller
Air traffic controller: One who directs aircraft activity from a ground control center
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