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Air-photo reconnaissance
Air-photo reconnaissance: Reconnaissance by aircraft in which aerial photographs are taken of particular areas
Air-to-ground missile
Air-to-ground missile: Missile which is launched from the air and intended to strike a target on the ground
Aircraft tool operator
Aircraft tool operator: Person who is trained to work with aircraft tools
Albatross around ones neck
Albatross around ones neck: Great load of guilt that becomes an obstruction to success
Albuminous albuminose
Albuminous albuminose: Pertaining to, or containing, albumen having the propertiesof, or resembling, albumen or albumin. Al*bu"mi*nous*ness, n.
Alchemistic alchemistical
Alchemistic alchemistical: Relating to or practicing alchemy.Metaphysical and alchemistical legislators. Burke.
Alchymic alchymist alchymistic alchymy
Alchymic alchymist alchymistic alchymy: See Alchemic, Alchemist, Alchemistic, Alchemy.
Aleppo boil aleppo button aleppo evil
Aleppo boil aleppo button aleppo evil: A chronic skin affection terminating in an ulcer, most commonlyof the face. It is endemic along the Mediterranean, and is probablyd
Alexanders alisanders
Alexanders alisanders: A name given to two species of the genus Smyrnium, formerlycultivated and used as celery now is called also horse parsely.
Alexipharmic alexipharmical
Alexipharmic alexipharmical: Expelling or counteracting poison antidotal.
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